How to make handicrafts from used goods that are easy and practical

Used items that are left sometimes make the environment at home look uncomfortable. In fact, used goods can be transformed into useful equipment. In addition, recycling of used goods such as plastic-based goods can also contribute to environmental sustainability.

Besides being sold to robbers, you can also use used items at home to become handicrafts. Besides being able to reduce the amount of used goods at home, handicrafts can also make the scenery at home easy to see.

Curious as to how? Following collect ways to make handicrafts from used goods that are easy and practical, which are guaranteed to make your home more beautiful and more organized.

How to Make Crafts from Used Plastic Bottles

The presence of everyday plastic goods might benefit humans in their activities. However, other living things that occupy this earth do not feel the positive side of the existence of plastic goods. In fact, animals in the ocean lately are often affected by the dangers of plastic goods.

Lots of news that mentions unfortunate events experienced by fish in the sea. For example, a turtle whose nose is blocked with a plastic straw must be pulled out until it bleeds. Not only that, a sperm whale was found dead in a stomach that was filled with thousands of plastic.

How to make handicrafts from used goods that are easy and practical

From this phenomenon, it is clear that plastic is very dangerous because it cannot be decomposed. For this reason, it is better to use plastic items, such as used plastic drinking bottles to be recycled into handicrafts.

For that, the following presents how to make handicrafts from used plastic bottles so that the earth can be lived in the future for children and grandchildren in the future. Let's see more.

Many people who like to consume soft drinks sold in supermarkets or convenience stores nearby. However, did you know that the plastic bottle wrapping soda can be used as a beautiful craft and refreshing eyes? You can practice the way at home so you can make an impromptu garden.

First, prepare a used 1.5 liter plastic bottle with the amount as needed. Try to collect used plastic bottles that are still tightly closed. Next, make a hole in the middle of the bottle with a knife so that it looks like a rectangle as shown in the picture.

Then, enter special fertile soil to grow flowers and vegetables. Then plant a variety of small flowers or vegetables, if only the old plastic bottles are accommodated. Hook each bottle up to form a beautiful arrangement like in the picture. Don't forget to diligently water your plants so they are always beautiful to the eye.

  • Luxury restaurant style chandelier

Rather than injuring innocent animals, you should use a plastic bottle that you no longer use as a decoration at home. Apparently, in addition to being used as flower pots, plastic bottles can also be made in the style of luxury restaurant chandeliers, you know!

You only need to prepare 600 ml plastic bottles with the amount as needed. If you can, prepare lots of plastic bottles to make it look big. Cut each end of the bottle to the size shown in the picture. Glue the bottle ends together to form a half circle.

Next, insert the white light bulb and the cable through the gap above the semicircular end of the bottle. Distributed with electricity and luxury restaurant-style chandelier is ready to be displayed in your home. Wait a minute! The remaining bottles that are not used can be recycled into other handicrafts, as will be explained later.

  • Broom from Used Drinking Bottles
Since the tip of the bottle has already been used, it would be a shame if the rest was just thrown away because it would cause other environmental problems. Don't worry, you can use the remaining used drinking bottles to become a broom. The method is very easy. You only need wood for the handle then tie the wood and bottles using wire.

How to Make Crafts from Used Tires

In addition to used plastic bottles, you can also make used tires into handicrafts. Whether it's a motorcycle tire or a used car tire, both can be transformed into a beautiful tool.

  • Beautiful Mirror of Used Motorcycle Tires

For this one, you only need to prepare a used motorcycle tire and mirror to adjust the tire size. Next, paint the used motorcycle tire with white to make it look aesthetic, as seen in the picture.

  • Unique Table in a Cafe

If you have the idea of ​​building a cafe to hang out, you can use old car tires to be created into a table. Two used car tires should be enough to make a unique table like in the picture. Don't forget to paint the tire so it looks beautiful.

  • Storing Umbrellas

Where there is intention, there is a way. As an example of how to make the following crafts, you can even make a place to store umbrellas from used car tires. You only need to perforate the used tire as needed until it fits into the umbrella. As a result, you will not forget to put an umbrella.

How to Make Crafts from Used Straws

Used plastic straws can be created into beautiful flower vases that can be displayed in the living room of your home. The trick is to collect plastic straws and stick to each other to form a flower vase as shown in the picture.

  • Pencil case

In addition to being a flower vase, a straw can also be transformed into a pencil box for your children at home. Gather as many plastic straws as possible and bend with the same side four times to form a square. Then a stack of plastic straws that have been bent to be attached to a cardboard tube to become a pencil case.

How to Make Crafts from Used Cartons

Used cardboard can apparently be made into picture frames. The trick is to prepare used cardboard to be made in layers as shown. Also make placemat to support photo frame from used cardboard. Don't forget to make a pattern to decorate the look of the frame or you can also paint it.

  • Bookshelf

In addition to the big used cardboard that you usually find, you can also use the used milk powder wrapper box that you consume. For example, is to make bookshelves and drawers style. The trick is to stack the boxes to form a bookshelf or drawer.

  • Laptop Placemat or Pad

For a student or school student, a laptop might be an important item to support education. Usually, they will need a laptop mat so they don't put it in place.

In addition, the laptop mat also functions to avoid overheating caused by touching the table with the laptop. So, you can use thick used cardboard to be used as a table mat like in the picture.