10 Crafts From These Used Goods Can Be Sold Expensive

Used goods are often underestimated. Even often discarded and sold at very cheap prices. But in the hands of creative people, used goods can be transformed into high-value goods and can be sold at high prices. Well, so that not long after, here are some collections of handicrafts made from various used items.

10 Crafts From These Used Goods Can Be Sold Expensive

Bird Shape CD

Look how beautiful the results of this craft. Did you know that this beautiful and beautiful bird is assembled from pieces of CD cassettes that are not used anymore. Yes, starting from items that are not used can be transformed into items of high artistic value.

Guitar Motif from Used CD

Wow, you can see for yourself. Not only in the form of animals, the results of used CD pieces can also be used to make beautiful guitars. Look at the classic motifs arranged one by one from the CD fragments. So that makes high artistic value on the guitar.

Wall Decoration from CD

Imagine the walls of your house have ornaments like this. Looks very beautiful right? Now make a wall decoration from this CD you can consider. How to make it really easy. You just need to give the disc black color then a painting with a batik motif or your favorite motif.

Jewelry Bottles Used

Many looked down on used bottles. Its existence is considered as rubbish that must be kept away from home. But, in the hands of creative used bottles can be transformed into a place of jewelry that looks luxurious and unique. You can put the jewelry that you use everyday in this place. Simple but luxurious and unique.

Painting Flowers with a Bottle

Various who like to paint can try to recycle this one. You only need to paint the bottom of the bottle with paint and then paste the bottom of the bottle into paper. How, easy right? You can sell the results of the paintings, and can be your source of income.

Decorative Lamps from Used Bottles

Want to have decorative lights at home, but afraid to buy expensive? Take it easy. You can make your own decorative lights from a collection of used bottles that are around the house. The method is very easy. You simply cut the back of the bottle, then arrange it until it resembles the shape of a flower. For example you can see in the picture.

The Pencil Case from a Bottle

Colored pencils or other stationery are usually placed just like that. So when you need it it's sometimes difficult to find it. Now, so that this does not happen to you, you should use this pencil holder.

In addition to being unique, you can get free materials to make this pencil holder. You can use plastic bottles that are not used anymore and then shaped like in the picture.

Desktop Catchall Organizer

Do you often forget to put your cellphone and other valuables? If so, then making this storage box is the right decision. The method is easy and easy. You just need to make the pattern then cut a few boxes according to the pattern. The next step is to combine the boxes as high as desired.

Miniature of Cardboard

This one handicraft is very unique. Even the results of this craft are very much in demand by the community. Miniature in this cardboard can be used as decoration, or used as a gift for wedding and birthday gifts.

Cardboard Geometric Lights

The creativity of this cardboard material deserves thumbs up. How come. Only armed with used cardboard materials can be transformed into unique and interesting lights. You can form certain patterns and choose the color of the lamp according to your favorite. With this geometry lamp will add to the calm atmosphere in your room.

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