So Side Income, 5 Kinds Of These Crafts You Can Sell, You Know!

The list of necessities of life is increasing and the price is getting higher, while the income is not increasing. Maybe it's time for you to look for a hobby as a side income that can be done at home. For example, by making handicrafts that can be sold.

5 Kinds of Crafts That Can Be Sold

As an inspiration, Kania will give you a list of handicrafts that can be sold and easily made for you to try at home!

  • All knitting handicrafts

Crafts from wool yarn can be created into a variety of useful objects. For example, sweaters, blankets, scarves, and dolls.

5 Kinds of Crafts That Can Be Sold

The selling price of this knitting all-round craft is quite expensive because it is made manually and requires accuracy. So that the results of this knitting quality, choose wool yarn that is not easily decomposed when finished knitted and warm but soft on the skin. In addition, diligently browse the internet to get interesting pattern ideas.

  • Paper and cloth flower bouquet

Flowers are a symbol of affection. The best-selling bouquet of flowers on the market to complement the anniversary, graduation, proposal, and so on. But lately people have started to turn to fake flowers. Because the price is cheaper and durable, unlike the original flower which generally only lasts one week.

This phenomenon can be used as a source of income. For example, by making handicrafts in the form of a bouquet of flowers from flannel cloth or used paper. Learn how to make various types of flowers and mix them into one bond. To be more beautiful, also complete the results of this craft with wrapping paper and ribbons.

  • All-round resin handicraft

Resin is a liquid that is made from the sap of a visiting tree. The color is clear and can freeze when dried in the sun. This makes resin a unique craft material.

You can make necklaces, earrings, rings, and even key chains. Molds for resins are available in many markets, you just choose the most suitable for your needs.

To be more interesting, add other materials such as glitter powder or dried plants. You can add coloring too. Capital is affordable, but the selling price of this craft is quite high because it looks beautiful.

  • Craft air freshener candles

In the past, the candle functioned as a source of lighting. Now, candles are being developed as aromatherapy. The name of the craft is aromatherapy wax or wax sachet. The distinctive feature of this craft is the decoration of flowers or dried herbs. The aroma of this candle will scent the room without needing to burn first.

The ingredients needed to make it are bee wax, a container for melting wax, wax prints, aromatherapy oils, and dried flowers or herbs. Choose a special candle mold that looks attractive and is equipped with holes for the rope.

After putting the mixture of aromatherapy candles and oils, arrange flowers or dried herbs on it. Adjust the decoration with a scented candle, then let it freeze. Some decorations that are often used for this craft are rose petals, lavender, baby breath, cinnamon, and coffee beans.

  • Various craft displays from used CDs

The back of the CD can emit various colors when hit by light. It looks so beautiful, like crystal. You can use it as a handicraft material. For example, by making a mosaic decoration that forms the silhouette of animals or use it as a decoration of photo frames.

The five crafts are just a handful of the many crafts that can be used as a source of income. If the hobby of making this craft is done diligently, it will definitely produce maximum results. Take advantage of e-commerce as your sales stall. Happy doing business!